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Epistles to the Pope

Epistles to the Pope


  In this poignant memoir, Daryl Verville gives an honest and harrowing victim-impact statment told through powerful letters to the pope. His father was  sexually and physically abused for years in the residential school system implemented by the Roamn Catholic Church and the Canadian Government. He became a violently abusive patriarch,and Verville paints a vivid picture of the impact of his father's deeply imprinted trauma.

  He explores the  Vatican's complicity in sex crimes committed by the clergy, the corruption in these scandals and the generational consequences of the abuse. Epistle to the Pope provides a unique and intimate perspective, telling the inspiring story of Verville's early spiritual initiation followed by a moral decline culminating in two drug overdoeses and near-death experiences how he re-emerged and untimately achieved profound redemption.


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