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Dharel (Daryl Verville)

Born: May 27 , 1956

Edmonton Alberta


 I am a multi-generational survivor of the infamous and scandalous residential school system here in Canada. The trauma and challenges of growing up with a father who had been subjected to sexual and physical abuse for most of his childhood, beginning at age four, in that school system is articulated in my new book, Epistles to the Pope – A Personal History of Perilous Priestcraft. My adolescence was marred with ever increasing mental health challenges that became debilitating and ended my very promising career in classical piano performance. These challenges were defined by an acute anxiety disorder,  insomnia, and the development of a multi personality disorder (a set of autonomous complexes, as explicated by Carl Jung). The extremes in these personas were characterized by, on the one hand, a very enthusiastic penchant for philosophy, music and Eastern spirituality, and on the other hand, there was the anarchist, delinquent criminal persona and drug addict. The contrast could not have been stronger. Towards the end of my 29th year the conflict in my psyche came to a head and I experienced two drug overdoses and just about died...they were near death experiences.

 This is where my healing journey began; I left the continent and went on a six month vision quest/pilgrimage to India.  For the next thirty years I healed and integrated all my experiences with Carl Jung, Rumi, piano practise, yoga and meditation, and a deep immersion in the first nations culture. Here I discovered my own indigenous roots. I involved myself with some of the Shamanic and Elder Medicine people from both the North American and South American indigenous cultures. I lived off grid for twelve years in the wilderness and like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar in a cocoon I re-emerged, transformed. The next five years I returned to society and completed my integration, such that I overcame all the dis-functions of the Multiple Personality Disorder and was able to return to performing in front of audiences again. During this period, I raised two boys as a single dad and they are the love of my life.

 Today, I am involved with the creation of an eco-village/yoga center, bio dynamic farm and healing center in Ecuador. My book (Epistles to the Pope -) is now published and I will be promoting the book in a series of book/ piano concert events that will resume once the pandemic has passed and the venues are open once again. To view and listen to my piano performances on YouTube, see the links to them in this website.



 Graduated from St. Joseph’s Composite High School


 -Advanced classical piano studies with Dr. Ernesto Lejano Phd. U.A.


 -Won open piano competition in Edmonton and performed Grieg piano concerto with Edmonton Youth Orchestra.


- Performed numerous piano recitals for television, radio, and live concerts.

 -Studied modern dance and theatre with Maria Formolo, Lynne Frederick, and Cheryl Cashman. 

 -Wrote feature length, dramatic film script on the life of Beethoven. 


-Wrote, produced and performed ‘The Right of Passage’ with Maria Formolo.

Toured the production nationally and internationally. 


- Wrote, produced and performed ‘Dream of the White Shadow’, a multi-media theatre piece. Received the prestigious Canada Council grant for this production.


- Founded the Mulvey Creek Land Co-op, a two hundred and sixty acres in the Little Slocan Valley , B.C. Built a home and raised my children there for eight years.


- Wrote, produced and performed ‘Phoenix Awakening’ multi-media theatre piece.

- Co founded S.E.E.R.S  (SACRED EARTH ECO-REGION SOCIETY} Director until present time.


- Wrote theater script ‘ Rising Dawn the Octave Beyond’. Yet to be produced


-Composed and recorded ‘Hurricane of Light’ eighteen piano pieces.

 - Co-founded the 'Light for Peace' Coalition in Nelson BC


- Recorded Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto, the ‘Emporer’


- Wrote, Produced, and Directed ‘The Naked Queen’ , feature-length art/documentary film...see reviews and trailor.


- Commissioned to teach piano on Cortes Isl.

- Acquired the Gurdjieff/DeHartmann piano music and recorded 30 pieces. CD is named ‘I AM NOW WE ARE’

- Moved back to Nelson


 Gave a series of concerts of the Gurdjieff /DeHartmann piano pieces.

 - Wrote second feature-length film: 'A Beautiful Soul' Wa invited on CBC’s ‘The Dragons Den’ to present the script. 

- Piano Concerts through BC. Offering master classes in the Kootenay area for piano students and teachers.

- Concert Tour: I AM NOW WE ARE


- expanded piano repertoire, developed improvisational skills at the piano

- Three concerts in the Kootenays- see youtube for my entries: Daryl Verville Piano, and Dharel Verville Piano


 wrote and published the memoir, Epistles to the Pope – A Personal History of Perilous Priestcraft.  


subjects of ongoing study and research: Jungian and Depth Psychology, Deep Ecology, Eco-Psychology, Comparative Religious Studies, Taoist Chi-Gong, Yoga and Meditation.

Father of three children; Raven 1994, Jahmal 2000, Gurshani 2003

Hobbies:  Soccer, Dance, Skiing, Swimming, Jaunts to the hot springs.

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